Who I am

Hey there! I'm Haley - a self-taught, freelance graphic design artist from the North Bay Area of California. I am also a mother of three and a paralegal in the law field. Art, writing, and graphic design have always been an important part of my life, stemming as far back as my early childhood. In recent years, my passion and talent for graphic design has grown immensely, and I decided to put it to better use by turning my passion into a sustainable small business to further support my growing family. It is my absolute pleasure to help clients from all walks of life and corners of the business world succeed through the implementation of graphic design and marketing. I have extensive experience designing for many different businesses, including, but not limited to, restaurants and food trucks, salons and estheticians, photographers, non-profit organizations, fitness coaches, dance studios, clothing brands, and trade businesses. Because I realize that an investment in my services is an investment in your business, I pride myself in providing the highest level of dedication and professionalism to my clients that they expect and deserve. 


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Why graphic design?

Branding promotes recognition and familiarity. If your branding is consistent across the board, it can help potential and returning customers feel more at ease in their decision to purchase your products or services.

Branding helps set you apart from your competition. In today's increasingly competitive market and industry, standing apart from the crowd has become a critical component to ensuring the success of your business.

Your brand is a direct representation of you, your brand's values, and your promise to your customers. Professionally designed marketing materials help you to visually deliver that representation. 

How does the process work?

I've spent many years perfecting my design process to make it as smooth as possible for you: 

First, we talk about your project. Specifically, what are you looking to improve about your brand or business? What is your budget, and are you open-minded to new ideas and suggestions that can help your business grow?

Next, I send you my Branding Survey. This brief survey asks simple questions about you and your style preferences, and establishes a foundation that allows me to create designs that line up with the unique goals and visions that you have for your brand or business.

Once I receive your survey results, I head to the drawing board to start bringing your graphic design visions to life. I communicate with you throughout the entire process by sending you design samples and asking for your feedback.

Once you decide on a final design, you submit payment and I provide you your high-resolution digital files for you to use as you please. It's that simple!

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